Wednesday, 27 April 2011

no pooping to be had for a while

Im sorry I haven't had the opportunity to stop by in weeks with a new poo story. I'm completely swamped with work and studying and barely have time for sleep, let alone poop. Hopefully I'll be back and running soon enough, and ill have some excellent excrement to share with you.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Alright, so this tale takes place about 6 years ago back when my friends and I were still young christian teens, as if that isn't embarrassing enough. my friend and I were visiting some randoms( I really have no idea why we were there, we barely knew them) who lived extremely far from civilization. they had an awesome house they built themselves in the woods, but it also meant they had a low flow toilet they didn't have professionally installed.

basically my friend had to drop a deuce, which ended up being the biggest turd of his life in this not so qualified toilet. the result was him texting me "It won't go down". after about another 10 minutes he came out, at which point the mother of the randoms we were visiting went in almost immediately after. My friend then told me we have to leave "right now". Not only because the toilet was blocked, but he tried to chop up his poo with the plunger, leaving it covered in his feces.

and so we left, and never talked to those people again.

Friday, 1 April 2011

no poo story today

but you can expect a really good one within the next day or two involving my best friend, a plunger and a clogged toilet. oh and a butt-load (heh) of awkwardness.

also; just an fyi today marks day 8 of the not pooping my pants streak :D